Three Incredible Drives In Maryland Today

Do you feel like your day and life are ruled by technology? When was the last time you got out and enjoyed the world around you? Far too many of us are stuck on our phones and laptops and miss out on the simple aspects of life. Living in Maryland, there are a host of natural wonders that we can enjoy. This article is going to show you three that you can drive to today. Pack up the car and go on an impromptu road trip and see how you feel.

As we all know far too many kids are wanting to stay home and play on video games. As parents we want them to get out and be physical, we all remember how we were and want that for them as well. However, times have changed and we have to give them an extra push toward outdoor activity. One of the best pushes comes in the form of the Adventure Park at Sandy Spring. This is an incredible park that is going to make your kids crave the outdoors. In fact, it has the ability to bring out the kid in even the hardest adult. Bring out your inner monkey as you climb, swing, and zip line through this incredible natural adventure park.

If you or a family member are a fan of Edward Scissorhands, you will want to take a day trip to Ladew Topiary Gardens. These gardens will bring back some memories of the art that Edward was able to accomplish. However, this is not a Hollywood memory but created by true artists. Be sure to visit on a gorgeous sunny day and you are guaranteeing yourself an incredible experience that will always be remembered.

There have always been those days where we hoped we could join Dorothy and venture over the rainbow. Wicked Witch or not, it was a beautiful land. While you may not have had the opportunity to visit, your children can enjoy the experience at Watkins Regional Park. Let them follow the yellow brick road in this fun park. There are plenty of opportunities for imagination and fun, and yes you can relax and enjoy the day as well!

Take the day and get out of the house. Wherever you head in Maryland, you are sure to have a great time. Regardless, the fresh air and sunlight is going to make you feel 100 times better!